We actively contribute to sustainability and the protection of the environment.

We have a CO2 reduction and 0 plastic policy. Because we believe that making a positive impact on the planet is the only way to move towards a future with more love for our Mother Earth.

For a fashion without plastic: our packaging and presentation of the product is totally organic and compostable. We have the OK COMPOST seal. Did you know that a plastic bag can take up to 1000 years to disappear? On the other hand, our bag is biodegradable and you can throw it in the organic one, in less than 6 months it will dissolve.

We reduce CO2 emissions: we ship two days a week to minimize our carbon footprint . In an online store, one of the most polluting processes is the logistics of shipments. Do you know what happens when we place an order with express delivery?

Well, what happens is that the logistics company does not have time to optimize delivery trucks or routes. As time prevails, efficiency is neglected and the contamination associated with our shipment increases.

We chose the green shipping , we allow the logistics company to group the packages by zones and thus optimize the routes. With this simple choice we are reducing our carbon footprint. You can check our shipping policy here.

We contribute to the circular economy : we give our garments another chance. If your Fullmoon Yoga garment no longer works for you, you can send it back to donate to non-profit organizations. We repair the garments and reuse them to close the circle and not contribute to fast-fashion. We work with organizations that promote yoga and sport in vulnerable groups.

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