Fullmoon Yoga is a yoga clothing brand with intention .

We believe in the change of people through the practice of yoga.

Yoga is more than a sport,
is a lifestyle that creates awareness of everything around us.
# FeeltheyogaSpirit

Yoga means union.

When we practice yoga we feel part of everything. By directing our attention inward, we begin to connect with a higher level of consciousness, we let go of our ego ... and magic is created.

Every action we take can have a positive or negative impact on the Cosmos.


Fullmoon Yoga was born to share a positive impact on the planet.

We want to connect the consciousness of society with the planet, and we believe that FullmoonYoga through the practice of yoga can achieve this .

Every day we learn to be freer, more aware, more sustainable and better people for our Mother Earth.

# FullmoonYogaFam

What do we do to be faithful to our mission?

Community. With Fullmoon Yoga you will meet the yogis who drive our lifestyle.

We share our brand with wonderful people, who we will present through events, our website and social media.

Environment. Through small actions, Fullmoon Yoga wants to be a sustainable brand.

We are not perfect, so we help to minimize CO2 emissions by optimizing shipping dates. We believe in plastic-free fashion by reducing this material to 0 in our packaging. We contribute to the circular economy, giving our collections a second chance.

Activism. Our family is directly involved in actions that generate positive social impact.

Energize part of society through yoga, dedicate our time to clean the oceans, or connect with other entities with social responsibility to promote a better world ...

Now that you know about Fullmoon Yoga,

are you coming with us on this wonderful trip?


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